Confidence in KS1 Maths

Rosalind very kindly agreed to work with my son, who was much younger than her usual age group. He was really struggling with KS1 maths, and was developing a fear of numbers which for a boy who was ahead of his peer group in all other subjects was causing him some confidence issues. Rosalind thought outside of her usual comfort box of teaching tools and adapted her reliable tried and tested teaching methods, for her younger audience – the result was fun! A whole host of maths games that my son really enjoyed and actually asked to play at home. These games helped him to gain confidence with numbers and combatted his fears. The result was a happy son, who by the end of KS2 was a strong all round learner who passed the grammar examination and obtained a place at Grammar School. We thoroughly recommend Rosalind as a tutor, and as my son approaches the commencement of his KS4 GCSE courses and now that Rosalind has returned from her sabbatical, we will definitely be seeking her additional support for revision and maths resilience.

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