Looking at the Ratio Grid Questions from the EDEXCEL June 2020 Paper Mathematics Paper 2 (Foundation)

The exam paper referred to in this post can be found here. For each question which is compatible with Ratio Grids, I work through a similar example, then you can try the actual exam question. The answers to the exam paper can be found here. This is a calculator exam.

You will need to be able to complete a ratio grid to follow this page – so watch this 2 minute video!

Similar to Question 4 – write a fraction as a percentage

Similar to Question 13 – A machine filling containers with items – how many left over?

Similar to Question 14: Drawing a Pie Chart

Similar to Question 16. How many marks needed to pass an exam?

Similar to question 17: Making Orange Juice

Similar to question 17b: Simplify a ratio (Calculator method)

Similar to question 19: Sharing money without knowing the total

Similar to question 20: Shopping with a ratio

Similar to question 23: Different sized boxes

Similar to question 28: Exterior angles in a polygon

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