Maths Games

cancelling-fractions-gameDeveloping confidence in Maths requires two things – Understanding and Practice. Traditionally, practice means endless worksheets or questions from a text book.

I developed my own confidence in Maths pretty young, playing games that required repeated mental arithmetic. Ping Pong taught me that 7+8 makes a mutliple of 5. Darts taught me to double and treble numbers mentally. Scrabble taught me to quitckly tot up lists of numbers….

In the last 5 years I have created a lot of new games which give my students the chance to practice a huge variety of skills – I have put some of the popular ones onto this site so my students can play them with their parents or siblings at home, as part of their homework. Even Year 11s would rather play a fast moving dice game than do a worksheet… well actually so would I!

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