Online Maths Tuition

What will I need?

A good internet connection and a laptop or PC with a keyboard and a mouse/trackpad and a quiet place where you can concentrate on the lesson. Headphones can aid concentration and a webcam is useful. You can access most of the activities I use, with a tablet, but not all of them.

Advantages of online tuition

I use a variety of bespoke games and activities that work very well online – for example I am developing software that checks algebra – this really encourages students to get their work right first time, and to notice and correct their own mistakes.

Because there is no travelling involved, students normally opt for two half-hour lessons each week, which seems to create better understanding and retention of the maths taught.

No need for parents to waste an hour waiting in the car, or get stuck in traffic!.

Disadvantages of online tuition

Students need to be more forthcoming about being stuck – when I can’t read body language I can’t always tell the difference between “I’m thinking” and “I’m stuck”.

In order to use real world resources such as weighing scales, compasses, protractors etc, students need to have access to them at home, and share what they are doing via web cam.

For these reasons, once the current restrictions are eased, I would like to do a mixture of online and face to face tuition with my local students.