Launching the post-conference Network

Hi fellow delegate or speaker,

A number of delegates indicated that they would like to stay in touch online, this afternoon at the end of the conference. I’ve put together a few paragraphs to try to clarify the sort of network I have in mind, as a starting point. If you think it might be better with a bit of tweaking, please use the “any other thoughts” box when you fill in the form.

Purpose: To enable us to more effectively support learners who struggle with Mathematics, some of whom may be diagnosed at some stage as being persons with Dyscalculia.

Objectives: To provide a forum where questions can be asked, with the understanding that we all have expertise with different learners (children and/or adults), we all have a different set of qualifications, life experience, and current jobs, and therefore we probably all hold different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which, when assembled with more clarity, might help us all to empower students who currently find Maths very hard, often MUCH harder than other areas of learning.

Platforms: We all have a different view of the tools available on the Internet. I am assuming a common denominator of email but experience with other networks leads me to believe that we will achieve more, have a richer experience, and ultimately be enabled to work better together, if each of us can use our favourite social network as a front end. I can offer Twitter, Facebook, email and WordPress** and I am happy to glue it all together… If the form below, please tick which is your usual social network. With respect to email, I will set up a “Google Group” which sends an email to each member when there is a new post, but also holds them in a searchable website for future reference. Please use the tick-boxes (well, a lot of us ARE teachers!!) simply so I can get a sense of which social media are likely to be worth linking in with – if 20 people ticked Facebook and one ticked Twitter, then I would leave out Twitter, I don’t want to make work for myself! But if it’s 10 each I’m happy to do a bit of a glueing job…

** I’ve left out LinkedIn because I don’t have any experience of running a LinkedIn group.

If any of this is unclear, please put any questions requiring clarification into the reply box below.

I look forward to the opportunity of continuing the fascinating threads of discussion that we began today.



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