Trial and Improvement for George

George was guessing answers today and got it down to a fine art – usually getting it right in 3 or 4 tries. We were working really fast because we had set our calculators up to give the answers exactly the way we wanted to see them, ie to one decimal place, and as a number not as a square root (or Surd). Here’s how:

  • Shift    Mode   6:Fix    1      gives the answers Fixed to 1 decimal place
  • Shift    Mode   1:MathIO    2:LineO     gives you nice mathematical INPUT but just a decimal OUTPUT which is perfect.

With Guessing you can go round in circles and forget what you tried…. so we do Trial and Improvement which sounds really posh but it just means we jot down the guess each time and the answer it gives. It’s nice to see the list getting shorter, as you get better and better at making a good first guess.

*** When you have finished this work, you can put your calculator back into its normal mode by pressing:

  • Shift 9(Clr)  3(All)  =(to confirm) AC(to start again)

Pythagoras trial and improvement with George

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