How to use your calculator to understand Standard Form.

These instructions work on a CASIO fx-83GT PLUS, which is widely used in schools and will, if you learn to drive it with confidence, do a tremendous number of different sorts of Maths.

If you want the calculator to give all its answers in standard form, follow this sequence:

  1. shift mode 7
  2. it will offer you a choice of Sci 0~9 and this means how accurately it will display the answers. 3 is OK, but you might want to experiment with 4 and 5 as well, to see for yourself what difference it makes.
  3. Try it, type in 23×3000= and you will get 6.90×10^4   (sorry! the ^ means to the power!!! The calculator is designed to display Maths properly and computers aren’t)
  4. To make your calculator display your answers normally again, shift mode 8 1 will do the trick. mode 8 is “Norm”, normal mode.
Red ring round the standard form button
Red ring round the standard form button

To type in a number that is in standard form, for example 4.5 x 10^12, use the button with x10x on it (it’s in the middle of the bottom row of buttons, and I will use square brackets to mean button) so the keystrokes you need, are    4.5 [x10x]12

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